"From the tiny acorn the mighty oak doth grow." That phrase is where Acorn Products, Corporation got its name. Little did anyone know that when this company was based on that slogan that it would be proven to be right. Acorn Products Corp. was founded in 1978 by John Thayer, in a small village in upstate New York. His first building was an old gas station with 2 injection molding machines & a staff of local employees. His business quickly outgrew the gas station. John made a few moves, before finally landing in Ilion, New York. Then in 2013, John retired & sold the business to Michael P. Quinn, who was the previous owner of Ilion Plastics. We currently have 16 injection mold machines and growing. With over 30 years of knowledge & experience in the plastic injection mold industry, Mike is always striving to improve, grow and maintain the forefront of customer satisfaction.